For Presenters Oral & Poster

The 4th GSM Symposium welcomed oral & poster contributions
to the described scope and focus within in the Call for Paper given TOPICS.

Due to CoVid-19 pandemic the GSM 2020 has moved from July to October . This offers the chance of a 2nd Call for Papers & Posters. All grid service market stakeholders – tech & knowhow providers, clients, academy, industry, GO, NGO,… – are kindly invited to submit an abstracts by 1 July 2020. For late abstracts the listing in the final program is no longer guaranteed.

A specially formed International Advisory Board, consisting of recognized international experts, is established to ensure, that the contributions are of a high standard and meet the interest of all participants and levels.

All Grid Service Market stakeholders, from provider to client, from academy to industry to GO and NGO, are now invited to submit a one-page abstracts.

Submission procedure:

    Abstract Template & Samples
    by 1 July 2020 your short abstract
    Poster contributions can be accepted longer, but without guarantee to be listed in the final program and in the conference proceeding.
  3. Acceptance notification will arrive at the 25 March 2020.
    This obligates to submit a updated paper* by 11 September 2020.
    PowerPoint presentation must be uploaded until 2 October 2020.
    For late contributions we try our best to feedback fastly the acceptance notification.
    Correspondingly fast, also the updated paper will be due from the authors.

Publication Policy

All presentations are published in Electronic Proceedings distributed to the participants. Finally the cleaned proceedings will be published as open access on-line publication with the ISBN 978-3-905592-80-1 on “GSMlibrary” and each contribution with a DOI on “Lucerne Open Repository LORY“.
Authors who do not wish to be included in the publications, e.g. due to publication elsewhere, can opt out and keep their full copyright.



The reason GSM kindly request (oral or poster) presenters to submit an extended abstract is to ensure the information offered to participants during and after all GSM events remains at a consistently high level. Out of fairness and respect to all authors, who do submit a full-length manuscript and due to compose also complete full proceedings, will the allowance for a short manuscript be a exception.

Exception, where it might be acceptable to submit a shorter paper (3 – 7 pages) with an abridged description of the contents, and less pictures or graphs, or even a presentation or poster only may be:

  1. The content has been already published elsewhere, or is due to be published elsewhere. You should make sure you refer to your publication “elsewhere” on the first page of your abstract.
  2. The presenters e.g. from industry have restrictions (IPR, time limits, …) to publish or the presented content is not structured and mature enough e.g. experience report, summary of observations, … .

In such cases, please apply to already during the upload of the short abstract for a pragmatic solution.

Thank you again
for your appreciated contributions and the acceptance of the above habit!