Program of GSM 2020

Summary Report

later by the Chair Christoph Imboden


Presentations/Posters, Title and Paper – Others

G0102 Welcome by the symposium chair
G0103 Welcome by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE
G02 Market developments and international collaborations I 
G0201 Keynote: EU energy transition – the ETIP SNET roadmap for flexibility Active demand, flexible generation, conversion and storage of energy carriers, network technologies
G0202 DSO TSO cooperation: field report from the GOPACS project
G03 Market developments and international collaborations II
G0301 Renewables and their financial risk landscape
G0302 Future-proofing the EU energy system towards 2030
G0303 Update on the implementation of the European balancing platforms
G0304 “Loop-flows, redispatch and bidding-zone splits: What’s the part of German Energiewende in it?”
G05 Market developments and international collaborations III
G0501 Balancing markets and DERs in the Italian regulatory framework: Insights on the UVAM case study G0501-Paper
G0502 Flexibility aggregation for ancillary services in the Czech Republic
G0503 Implementing better framework conditions for new players in the flexibility market
G0504 P Impact of COVID-19 on the demand curves of Croatia and region =MP4 (+JPG)
G0505 P Integration of voluntary Flexibility at Runtime (+MP4)
G06 Operation and enabling technologies I
G0601 Accelerating the European energy transition with digital
G0602 Impacts of peer-to-peer trading on wind energy curtailment in constrained distribution networks
G0603 Active distribution grid management: A decentralized approach for the management of flexibility options
G0604 Simple and efficient implementation of local energy markets
G07 Operation and enabling technologies II
G0701 Options for the implementation of fast control reserves in the Continental European power system
G0702 Improving grid networks operational decision support & vegetation management practices using Hi-resolution weather models
G0703 P Benefits of multi-voltage-level grid control in future distribution grids
G0704 P Forecasting and optimization approaches utilized for simulating a hybrid district heating network
G0705 P Readiness of short-term load forecasting methods for their deployment on company level
G08 VPP and advanced technologies I
G0801 The European market monitor for demand side flexibility
G0802 How virtual power plants enable renewable grid integration
G0803 Trade with local flexibility to resolve transmission bottlenecks in Denmark
G09 VPP and advanced technologies II
G0901 Converting wastes efficiently and flexibly for grid-balancing services and sector coupling
G0902 SOFC’s, fuel flexible, easy to modulate, reversible and future proof!
G0903 Opportunities and challenges for water electrolysers to participate in grid services G0903-Paper
G0904 Panel discussion: business-potentials & technology-challenges
G11 Advanced technologies providing flexibility
G1101 Perspectives for flexibility in the German electricity system
G1102 Water electrolysers for electricity grid services – dynamics, advantages and disadvantages of different types of electrolysers
G1103 Frequency control by run-of-river hydropower: a case study on energetic and economic potentials
G1104 Hydro storage as enabler of energy transition
G1105 Opportunities for CHP plants providing flexibility
G1106 P Renewables delivering capacity reserves in Denmark
G1108 Fuel cells and hydrogen on the path to service market
G1109 Summary & GSM award “Audience Award”