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Below you see the Breakout Networking Space Topics. These networking spaces are opened according to the number of votes received. You can also propose an own topic, which can be discussed in networking space 13. (see below). To vote now for your favourite topics you can

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Breakout Networking Space Topics 

  1. Keynote 1 Q&A continued Gerard Doorman
  2. Keynote 2 Q&A continued Fergal McNamara
  3. Virtual tour Q&A continued Andreas Svendstrup-Bjerre
  4. TSO Swissgrid Projects Bastian Schwark
  5. Ancillary Services by Renewable Energy Thomas Kudela
  6. Market design, integrated markets Nikos Hatziargyriou
  7. Sector coupling Andreas Friedrich
  8. Digitalisation Sebastian Ziegler
  9. System split 8 Jan – lessons learned Davor Bosnjak
  10. Adequacy, renewable resources Carlo Alberto Nucci
  11. Women in GSM Ivana Kockar
  12. Avoidance of grid extension Tanaka Mbavarira
  13. Your proposed topic André Eggli
  14. Club room for TSOs
  15. DSO’s bar
  16. Open network lounge